Deltro Energy’s renewable integration solutions provide a crucial link in the development of wind and solar energy. We provide technologies that allow renewable projects to operate with optimal efficiency.

Stable Generation
Our energy storage harnesses unpredictable energy generated by wind and solar and supplies a stable input of energy that is required by the grid.
Improve Efficiency
Using our storage solutions, excess electricity is stored when there isn’t a demand for electricity and used when it is needed.
Avoid Down Time
Our remotely controllable storage systems can adapt for quick ramp rate during cloudy periods or times without wind and offer continuous power. We specialize in distributed
DC-DC storage which is very economical, flexible and has less vulnerability to system shut downs.
Optimize Assets
Enable your renewable assets to operate at peak efficiency by capturing all energy generated with our completely integrated solutions.


Our grid-scale storage solutions provide electricity grids with stability and reliability while remaining emission free, this can be done in three ways: go through

Peak Shaving – Our systems allow for usage during peak demand times and storage of surplus energy during off-peak times when it is most economical. The storage systems we supply carry out several cycles every day allowing continuous usage for 15+ years.
Stability & Reliability – With a designed response time of less than 16 milliseconds, our solutions provide power with minimal interruptions during a surge or black out.
Save on Infrastructure – Deltro Energy provides custom and flexible storage solutions that help you avoid costly infrastructure investments. By using modular energy storage additional storage can be easily implemented and repositioned. These custom enclosures are a cost effective way to help manage loads or aid distribution.


Deltro Energy’s micro-grid solution can help remote communities with independent off-grid energy. Micro-grids also improve energy reliability, reduce carbon emissions and have overall cost reduction compared to investing in high voltage transmission infrastructure and traditional generation plants .

Powering remote communities
Deltro Energy specializes in analysing, designing and deploying community micro-grids in remote geographies. Our concept utilizes integration of renewable resources with energy storage and back-up generators that can power entire communities 24/7 with complete independence.
Improving Reliability
Electric service reliability is more important than ever. With many utilities operating older grids, Deltro’s micro-grid solution can offer continuous power with or without existing grids with minimal carbon emissions.
Enhancing Communications
Micro-grid applications have historically had communication requirements that are complicated in nature. Deltro Energy develops and operates remotely managed control systems which are capable of advanced decision making without human intervention.


Deltro Energy’s behind the meter solution provides the opportunity to reduce peak demand charges, which mainly targets the commercial market. Our experienced team will analyze your historic electric daily use and offer the most cost effective solution to meet your return on investment and green initiative targets.

Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity
Our behind the meter solution allows commercial customers to operate at lower utility cost with no or minimal investment upfront. Our business model is based on shared savings and/or increase productivity model.
Greater visibility into energy use and costs
Deltro Energy’s behind the meter solution offers a user friendly interface improving insight into energy use and associated costs. This solution helps users understand and forecast energy use and in certain cases determine operational inefficiencies.
Energy Data in real time
Site-specific meters monitor and communicate with energy storage equipment to charge or discharge within milliseconds.


Deltro Energy designs and integrates energy storage systems using various technologies, such as Lithium-ion, flow, lead acid and flywheel. Through our strong industry partnerships we deliver innovative solutions for power utility grids, micro-grids, renewable integration and behind the meter applications. Our designs and turnkey solutions are scalable, practical, deployable and commercially feasible.

Deltro Energy strives to empower communities through the provision of reliable electricity. Our mission is to be the leading provider of energy by executing creative solutions that are practical and provide the best value.


Deltro Energy’s experienced team consists of market specialists that bring years of consulting, manufacturing, electrical and energy experience to offer innovative solutions to the industry. Our primary strength is the ability to offer the best quantitative analysis along with designing, deploying and maintaining the highest quality energy solution in the rapidly changing energy market.


Our services Include:

Deltro Energy analyzes your energy needs in order to present a customer-specific solution.
Based on the outcome of the analysis we design, develop and present a customized energy solution.
Our concepts for each solution will be pre-tested and approved by end user prior to full-scale production.
Retrofits to existing applications and new installations will be completed by various technical teams from Deltro Energy and Deltro Group.
After installation, we perform a comprehensive set of tests. Results and outcome are shared and approved by the end user.
Upon completion of successful testing, we will put our solution into operation with our customer.
After installation, continued support is available through the provision of service, maintenance and select warranties.
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