Services and Solutions

Construction Design/Build

Deltro designs and builds major power systems. Systems include high voltage electrical installations coming from the street to transformer distribution systems. Electrical systems include lighting, fire and life safety systems and emergency generators as well as full, double-redundant UPS data systems.

Working from your specs, you will appreciate our expertise and innovative problem solving.


Our communication cabling capabilities include Prof. Irie bus systems for automation facilities to a single CAD6 structured cabling network installation.

We design and install both large and small projects from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and safety (CCOHS) to one CAD3E phone installation.

We are not limited by size or scope whether a large or small project. Our approach is to deliver consistent high-quality solutions that perform.

Maintenance Service

Christmas Day or any other day, when you have an emergency you need service immediately.

24/7/365: CALL 905-566-0858

Our maintenance line will be answered by our on-call emergency staff 24/7. We offer one-hour response time to handle any emergency from a transformer fire to fire alarms or any other trouble.


Case Studies

CNG Fuelling Station

New lighting design outside of the explosion zone

Future Benefits

Improved Knowledge: Deltro’s improved knowledge on compressed natural gas systems enabled us to continue working on the next facility currently being constructed in Manitoba

Environmental Benefits: Greenhouse gas emissions from equivalent to 1.5 million litres of diesel fuel will be eliminated from the environment in 1 year

Regional Improvements: More than 100 compressed natural gas fuelled trucks using the station will provide approximately 216,000 homes in Peel Region with recycling and waste services collection

Public Recognition: The grand opening was attended by such dignitaries as Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glenn Murray, Peel Region Chair Frank Dale and Mississauga City Councillor and Peel Region Councillor Carolyn Parrish




Deltro’s success in the solar industry can be attributed to the values developed during its early years as a small electrical contractor. Proactive problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions was what partners appreciated and learned to trust Deltro for more than twenty five years ago. This mindset has stayed true to Deltro all this time, and now is regularly implemented on every jobsite. Windsor Solar Project, Deltro’s largest ground-mount solar project to date was no exception.


Constructed in Windsor, Ontario for owner Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. the Windsor Solar Project is 50MW AC and consists of more than 190,000 solar panels. It was the 25th ground-mount solar electrical project completed by Deltro in Ontario in the last five years. “We have become much more efficient, where we used to complete 10MW in approximately six to seven months, we are now able to complete 50MW in the same amount of time” boasts Ashby Singh, Deltro Project Manager for the Windsor Solar Farm. He credits a one month preparation period to the success achieved by the team ” We analyzed every task we had to complete in the project, anticipated possible challenges we could face, and sourced the right tools for the right jobs”. Deltro used machines to aid in completion of their tasks whenever possible because it alleviated the physical strain on workers and in the end made tasks safer for workers and more efficient.


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