Agate Bay Solar Project, Oregon

Project Description

Deltro Electric Ltd. has concluded the electrical installation of the 10 MW/AC Agate Bay Solar Project in Oregon, USA.

Project Specifics

Deltro, a company always open to afront new challenges provided the following services for this 10MW/AC solar project in Oregon:

  • PV Module Installation and Plug & Play
  • Testing & Commissioning, Harness at Combiner Boxes
  • IV Curve
  • QA/QC for PV Harnesses
  • Pull Harness & Terminate at Combiner Boxes

We are pleased to once again be able to support projects in the renewable energy sector and so proud of our team in the delivery of another successful project adding a new happy customer to our records.

Location: Eagle Point, Oregon
Size: 10MW/AC
Owner: ET Solutions North America
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