200 MW/AC Hillcrest Solar Project, Ohio, USA

Project Description

Deltro Electric Ltd. Is currently in the final stage of the electrical installation of the 200 MW/AC Hillcrest Solar Project in Ohio, USA, Deltro’s largest ground-mount solar project to date.

Project Specifics

Built in Mt. Orab, Ohio for the company Hillcrest Solar I, LLC, the Hillcrest solar project consists of more than 606,400 solar panels and represented all kind of challenges for the Deltro team, weather and the COVID pandemic, two of the most complicated to face.

Our team completed, between others, the following tasks:

  • Mobilization, demobilization, and site indirects
  • DC collector’s system install
  • AC collector’s system install and terminations
  • Combiner boxes install and termination, DC wires
  • Combiner box string harnesses and “plug and play”
  • Grounding, fittings, and balance of system related to modules
  • DC and AC grounding install and terminate
  • Place inverters, install pull box and conduit
  • Equipment rental
  • Install fiber optic cable in trench, terminations, testing
  • Camera poles, fiber, power wiring and terminations
  • Misc., fittings, and underground material
  • Weather stations install and wiring
  • Commissioning and testing AC and DC
  • MV grounding grid
  • Local permits and balance of system

So far, after almost a year & nearly half a million feet of wire, all AC (MV) cable has been installed on the 200MW solar project.

Well done to everyone involved with getting this across the finish line and moving on to getting the DC collector system into clean production in 2021.

Very proud of our staff down in Ohio on this project, as well as our support staff in our main office, dedicated, reliable, hard working team, together using innovation and teamwork, they made this project possible.

Project Overview
Location: Mt. Orab, Ohio
Size: 200MW/AC
Owner: Hillcrest Solar I, LLC
606,400+ Solar Modules
101,080 Strings
10,108 trackers
265,147 MW/DC
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