Deltro’s comprehensive abilities in project management brings projects to completion faster and more efficiently than our competitors. We offer a full spectrum of services to support our customers and our customers’ projects. Some of our services include:

  • Construction management including assistance with subcontractor selection
  • Design management including assisting with product selection
  • Development and management of project schedules
  • Project and contract administration
  • Insurance and bonding
  • Health & Safety
  • Facilitation of project communication
  • Financing and risk-profiling
  • Training Services


Deltro has a centralized engineering infrastructure located in Mississauga, Ontario; however, we also work with partners to compliment our capabilities and capacities. Our mandate is to implement industry best practices in all designs.

Deltro always works with credible engineering firms licensed within the jurisdiction of the project to deliver the following services:

  • Full site and building review
  • Capacity and structural analysis
  • Geotechnical and soil studies
  • Incorporation of owner requirements into product selection and site design
  • Performance modeling
  • IFC package development and permit submissions
  • local stamping when required
  • All manuals and training


Effective value chain management is where project processes are determined and where project success is made. The Deltro Group prides ourselves on our ability to understand and to mitigate risks to the project schedule, budgets and cash flows. Deltro analyzes the full scope of work starting with design, engineering, specifications, performance and overall coordination of all inputs to the project to evaluate how we can contribute our services.

Consistent communication with our suppliers, vendors, distributors and manufacturers provides us with greater cooperation between all members involved and decreases the delivery times. Together these factors accelerate the project to completion.
Key inputs for procurement, sourcing and acquisition:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Cost-benefit Analysis
  • Lead Times
  • Communication
  • Logistics

Deltro Group strives to deliver the products, services and results our clients are looking for.


Deltro Group’s recent focus and success in renewable energy projects has made us into leaders in the field of design, build, finance, operate and maintenance of all types of construction deliverables. Despite our growth, this has not stopped our continued success in providing electrical design and build solutions to the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) market.

With a “no-job-too-small” attitude we continue to serve owners, developers and contractors in the pursuit of successfully delivered projects, all across Canada and many US states.

For larger multi-disciplinary developments we strategically align ourselves with likeminded, culturally similar partners who compliment our abilities with strengths of their own. We build strong teams and provide effective, economical solutions for all of our clients.


Whether systems degrade, technology improves, or recurring problems need addressing the original site is almost always able to be optimized. DELTRO-CES works with you to determine the feasibility and the timing of this investment.

Existing systems generate revenue and downtime is costly. DELTRO-CES works with the client to accommodate projects at your facility while minimizing the downtime of the entire system, and trying to keep parts of the system generating. Examples include:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Standard Maintenance
    • Solar PV Equipment
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Power Storage & Supply Equipment
    • Site Safety Review
    • Equipment Replacement
  • Emergency Maintenance & Uptime Management
    • Rapid response agreements
    • Real time monitoring & alarms
    • Strategic Inventory such as modules or string inverters
  • Facility Maintenance (RE & RE)
    • Re-roofing projects
    • Facility equipment additions and upgrades
  • Site Optimization
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