Deltro team joins 5th Annual Latin Renewable Energy Forum

Deltro was thrilled to join the EDC for the 5th Annual Latin American’s Renewable Energy Forum in Barranquilla. In Colombia, they are working towards increasing the share of variable renewable energy sources from one percent to twelve percent with regards to its power generation matrix.

As a leader in this sector, Deltro intends on being a large player in project development & turn key solutions for sustainable energy projects in Colombia.

The Deltro team was involved in several different trade shows while in Colombia. As well as Barranquilla, our team worked in Bogota and Medellin as part of Canada’s Energy Trade Mission. Our team met with Colombian counterparts with expertise in grid operations, asset ownership, and commercial and industrial regulations. We are thrilled with everyone we met & all the potential sustainable projects there are to implement.

Deltro Team


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