Deltro Electric Ltd. awarded electrical installation contract by PCL for 50 MW Windsor Solar Project

Mississauga, ON, March 8, 2016 ̶ PCL Renewable Energy today announced Deltro Electric Ltd. awarded the contract for electrical installation on Windsor 50MW solar farm.

The 50 MW Windsor Solar Project will be the largest ground-mount solar farm to be completed by Deltro Electric Ltd. to date and will be the first with owner Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. This project will add to the list of 24 ground-mount solar projects already completed by Deltro Electric Ltd. amounting to more than 200 MW/AC for such notable owners as Canadian Solar, Recurrent Energy, Penn Energy, Amp Solar, Spark Solar, GP Joule and Saturn Power.

Highlights of the electrical work to be performed by Deltro Electric Ltd. on the Windsor Solar Project are as follows:
The Windsor Solar Project will consist of approximately 194, 000 solar panels of between 305 – 315 watts DC each. The DC electricity generated by the PV panels will be fed through inverters that convert the DC current into AC current suitable for supplying the electrical grid. DC wiring mounted to the back side of the racks is connected to 599 combiner boxes. From the combiner boxes, the DC current will be transmitted below ground to 30 MV stations. Each MV station houses several components, some of which are two 833 KW inverters and one 1600KVA MV transformer. The AC voltage created by the inverters will be “stepped-up” to 34.5 KV through the multiple MV station transformers and collected via underground cables and connected to the main HV substation switchgear. At the substation the voltage is “stepped-up” to 115KV and connected to the IESO grid by the substation contractor.

About Deltro Electric Ltd.: Established in 1987, Deltro Electric Ltd. has been an expert in industrial and commercial electrical construction and maintenance for almost 30 years. Founded on the principles of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, Deltro Electric Ltd. is consistently incorporating creative solutions and innovative ideas to deliver projects on time all while complying with local environmental, electrical and safety code requirements. Deltro Electric Ltd. has constructed more than 200MW of ground mount and rooftop solar in the last three calendar years, making it a leader in the solar industry both in Ontario and Canada. Learn more at (

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