Deltro Group awarded contract to build, own and operate solar facility in Cuba

St. Michaels, Barbados W.I., November 7, 2017  –  Deltro Group Ltd. a leading international developer of clean renewable energy projects is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a significant contract to build, own and operate a solar photovoltaic electric generating facility in north western Cuba.

Construction of the new facility, which will be tied to the national grid operated and maintained by Union Electrica de Cuba (UNE), is expected to begin in January 2018.

“We are truly excited to have been selected to build this facility which will promote and produce a cleaner renewable energy future for the Cuban people” states Deltro President and CEO David Del Mastro.  “Throughout our more than 30 years in business Deltro has established a solid reputation as a leading electrical services company. As global energy supply transitions from emitting to non-emitting renewable technologies Deltro is proud to be leading the way with advanced technology as well as unmatched capability and efficiency.”

To support the construction, Deltro will contract a number of leading companies to assist our team and will work to source as much content from Barbados as possible.  “While thousands of workers in Cuba will realize a significant benefit as a result of this investment, Deltro will also seek to involve our operations in Barbados to the greatest extent possible” states Deltro Group Vice President and C.F.O.Dean Del Mastro.  “Our goal is to always provide the greatest employment and investment benefits to local workers and companies in any country where we are operating while also securing trade benefits for Barbados and Canada whenever possible”.

Deltro Group Ltd. has previously announced its proposed plans to build, own and operate a cutting edge solar generating site with ramp rate control and energy storage as well as operate a tier 1 solar panel manufacturing facility in Barbados home of its international operations.  These plans remain in place as does Deltro’s commitment to see them through over the coming months.

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