Energy Company’s Announcement Welcomed

General Secretary of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is welcoming the recent announcement from Canadian-based energy company Deltro, that it will be operating a solar panel manufacturing plant and solar farm in this country.

According to General Secretary, George Pilgrim, the initiatives are a representation of the policy of the Freundel Stuart-led Government to embrace renewable energy, the fastest growing sector in the world. In a statement released yesterday, Pilgrim said these new types of manufacturing plants speaks to the future economic activity which will become a part of the Barbadian landscape going forward.

Additionally, he suggested that it in fact will boost the ability of the Caribbean region to expand the development of residential and industrial solar energy.

“The Democratic Labour Party views this as a spectacular step required to ensure that Barbados becomes the centre of excellence in renewable energy. This reality for Barbados represents a platform within the Caribbean region to grow the green energy footprint. Another first for Barbados, authored by the Democratic Labour Party,” he insisted.

Pilgrim made the point while contending that this “determined strategy” by the DLP to encourage the use of renewable energy is rooted in a deep belief that as a small island developing country, we should not find ourselves at the mercy of fluctuating market prices of crude oil. As such, he said that as a Government, they have recognised the need to find ways to reduce the outflows of much needed foreign exchange, and are of the firm belief that the investment in renewable energy should be commended as a “correct move”.

With that in mind, the General Secretary said his political party is confident that with the new economic activity that renewable energy provides, there will be plenty of new opportunities for training and enhancing the skill sets of locals. He is therefore calling on the public to support the Government’s effort as it seeks to “reposition Barbados for the new economy”.

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