Formation of Deltro Energy Solutions S.A. (Deltro Soluciones de Energía S.A. in Cuba)

Deltro Group is pleased to announce the official formation of our sister company in Cuba, called Deltro Energy Solutions S.A. (Deltro Soluciones de Energía in Spanish).

On the morning of March 19th, 2021 the Deltro management team, hosted Cuban General Consul, Mrs. Tania Lopez Larroque and Cuban Consul, Mrs. Beatriz Jorge Fonseca in our Mississauga office and were joined for the official ceremony via video-conference with Cuban representatives, in Havana, from the highest levels of government and senior executives from the Cuban Electrical Union & the Ministry of Energy & Mines.

All in attendance were there to witness the official signing of the Articles of Incorporation, by Deltro Group CEO & Founder Mr. David Del Mastro.

This event marks an important date in the history of Deltro Group,  as it is the culmination of years of dedication & commitment along with hard work put in by all of the officials involved.

We look forward to start our first project which is the full design, construction and operation of 19 solar parks located in various locations across Cuba.  This first project, through a contract signed with UNE (Electrical Union of Cuba) and the Ministry of Energy and Mines will represent the beginning of what we hope will be a long and productive relationship for the people of Cuba and Deltro Energy Solutions.



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