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“Barbados takes next steps in its goal of self-sustainability in renewable energy and creates long term sustainable jobs.”

Bridgetown, Barbados: Barbados is working to become the leader in renewable energy as the Caribbean’s first manufacturing plant dedicated to renewable energy prepares to move forward.
At a media conference held at the site of the Kendal Hill plant, Deltro Group CFO Dean Del Mastro announced that it has obtained Town and Country Planning approval to proceed with the construction of its solar panel manufacturing facility, creating hundreds of jobs.“We are standing here today in front of the approved manufacturing site that will employee over 200 full time hard working men and women of Barbados,“ Del Mastro highlighted.

Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The plant will support residential and industrial solar development in Barbados and the wider Caribbean, translating to more environmentally friendly, cost effective solar energy options to consumers.

The Deltro Group is also expected to commence work on its 70 acre solar farm at the proposed Waterford site. “After all of the studies, the drawings, the effort, the town hall meeting and the work with all of the ministries attached to this project, Town and Country Planning has recommended approval of the 70 acre site for a
solar farm. We are thrilled that the recommended approval puts us in a position to move forward,” Del Mastro stated.

The Deltro Group is an experienced and recognized leader in solar energy engineering, procurement, design and construction. The company expects to significantly increase value-added exports from Barbados by combining industry-leading technology and competitive pricing with a proven track record as a distinguished industry leader.

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Shelly Ann Hee Chung
246 2875033

About Deltro Group Limited

Deltro Group Ltd. is a parent company that was established in Barbados in 2015. It was created to encompass several companies. Deltro Electric Ltd. was established in 1987, completing numerous solar ground-mount jobs and has become an industry leader in renewable energy. Deltro Group Ltd. also runs alongside a 90 megawatt PV panel manufacturing line stationed in Barbados

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