Deltro’s success in the solar industry can be attributed to the values developed during its early years as a small electrical contractor. Proactive problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions was what partners appreciated and learned to trust Deltro for more than twenty five years ago. This mindset has stayed true to Deltro all this time, and now is regularly implemented on every jobsite. Windsor Solar Project, Deltro’s largest ground-mount solar project to date was no exception.


Constructed in Windsor, Ontario for owner Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. the Windsor Solar Project is 50MW AC and consists of more than 190,000 solar panels. It was the 25th ground-mount solar electrical project completed by Deltro in Ontario in the last five years. “We have become much more efficient, where we used to complete 10MW in approximately six to seven months, we are now able to complete 50MW in the same amount of time” boasts Ashby Singh, Deltro Project Manager for the Windsor Solar Farm. He credits a one month preparation period to the success achieved by the team ” We analyzed every task we had to complete in the project, anticipated possible challenges we could face, and sourced the right tools for the right jobs”. Deltro used machines to aid in completion of their tasks whenever possible because it alleviated the physical strain on workers and in the end made tasks safer for workers and more efficient.


Despite all of this careful preparation, challenges are inevitable on any construction site and Deltro was faced with various obstacles. In one instance the team was unable to use a ditch witch machine to complete installation of the perimeter ground grid. This was due to a six foot deep ditch on the property that wasn’t foreseen in the topographical maps used throughout the project planning stage. ” I haven’t been on a site where something hasn’t gone wrong, but I always tell my crew members the sooner you tell me, the sooner we can fix it” says Singh. In this case Deltro was able to implement a creative new installation layout for the ground grid which saved both time and material.


Another barrier encountered by Deltro Procurement Officer David Vogel was a lack of supply of fiber-optic cable in the market, which presented Deltro with another opportunity to be innovators. “The tight deadlines in our project schedule joint with the large size of this project meant that there wasn’t enough supply of the specified fiber-optic cable in the market at the time that we required it” mentioned Vogel. With approval from the owner on the specifications, Deltro’s solution was to purchase an alternate fiber-optic cable and have it manufactured into an underground rated protective conduit. This had to be done for about 50% of the total order.
From procurement through installation Deltro continues to push its limits and make new feats possible. Through facing challenges head on and taking a participatory approach to problem solving Deltro is ready for its next large solar project and strives to find new innovative ways to complete it.

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